.... You must, however, be content with a very summarized explanation of the subject; for the full demonstration of my theme would demand a treatment of both its principles and its parts for which my time is at present insufficient, and for which neither my mind nor my energies are free. The keys of all hearts are in the hands of Allah: He opens them when He pleases, as He pleases, and with what He pleases. At this time, then, it shall suffice to open up to you three chapters or parts, whereof the first is as hereunder follows.

Mishkat Al-Anwar.
A translation with introduction by W. H. T. Gairdner.
Monograph of Royal Asiatic Society, Vol. XIX, London UK, 1924.
Kashmiri Bazar, Lahore: Sh. Muhammad Ashraf. (1952 reprint). P. 78-79.

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